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Rob Roy
Scott, Walter

Rob Roy is a historical novel by Walter Scott. It is narrated by Frank Osbaldistone, the son of an English merchant who travels first to the North of England, and subsequently to the Scottish Highlands to collect a debt stolen from his father. On the way he encounters the larger-than-life title character of Rob Roy MacGregor. Though Rob Roy is not the lead character (in fact the narrative does not move to Scotland until half way through the book) his personality and actions are key to the development of the novel.

Language: English, Novel (Historical)

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Others books by Scott, Walter
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Scott, Walter - Ivanhoe - Language: English, Novel - Format: iSilo
Follows the fortunes of the son of a noble Saxon family in Norman England as he woos his lady, disobeys his father, and is loved by another. Set in late 12C England and in Palestine with Richard Cœur-de-Lion at the Crusades, it's (More) another ripping historical yarn by Scott


Scott, Walter - Quentin Durward - Language: English, Novel - Format: ePub, iSilo
El libro se desarrolla en el siglo XV durante el reinado de Luis XI de Francia y en pleno enfrentamiento con Carlos el temerario, duque de Borgoña. Quentin Durward es un joven escocés que busca fortuna en Francia junto a su tío, (More) capitán de la guardia de arqueros escoceses que custodian al rey. Al mismo tiempo, y escapando de la custodia del Duque, que en un arreglo político quiere casarla contra su voluntad, llega a la corte la bella y joven condesa Isabel de Croye. Las complicadas relaciones entre ambos monarcas no mejoran cuando la linda condesita pide asilo al rey francés.


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